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The Sun Rises Over Jupiter Island

The Sun Rises Over Jupiter Island

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1. OPENING REMARKS – President John Goodland welcomed the 45 members present at the annual meeting. Those present represented 18 of the 21 condominiums on Beach Road. The Board of Directors, special guests and main speaker Commissioner Karen Marcus were introduced. Attending from the Village of Tequesta were Mayor Pat Watkins, Vice Mayor Tom Paterno, Councilman Vince Arena, Village Manager Mike Cuzzo and Police Chief William Cullen.

2. SPEAKER – Palm Beach County Commissioner Karen Marcus, in her last term after serving this district for 24 years, acknowledge the pleasant association the county has with the Tequesta Village Council, noting that the two parties are really in partnership on many things of interest to both municipalities.
Commissioner Marcus said the county is going through the budget process now, stating, “although, not a pretty year for us with dollars and impact fees down, but we were fortunate to have put a large amount in savings and are getting by.” She pointed out, however, that most departments are being asked to cut budgets by 10 percent, despite the fact that the police and fire departments asked for a $10 million increase. “We are asking ourselves, ‘how are we helping the economy and how do we make sure the services residents expect are still in place?’”
The Commissioner explained that the county has been very dependent on construction, but are trying to get to a point where it is not, and still promote development. She said the Scripps and Max Planck developments in Jupiter’s Abacoa area are very important to the county now and much of the attention is being placed on those developments. “We expect to have the best of the best right here in Jupiter,” she concluded.
Commissioner Marcus pointed out that the Florida Legislature is now in session and it appears that it plans to pass a couple of bills that are of great concern to the county. If the bills pass, she said, much of the money we were expecting would be eliminated and some programs will need to be cut. Further, “it would put limits on future development,” she said, “as a way to keep taxes down. The legislature calls it an economic stimulus.” Marcus asked Beach Road residents, and others, to take time to contact their legislators to voice concern on these bills. “They need to know your feelings,” she advised.
The commissioner said Palm Beach County received $21 million of the federal governments economic stimulus monies and it is being put to good use. She noted that the Village of Tequesta received an additional $3 million to help finance the new Tequesta Drive Bridge over the Loxahatchee River. The bridge is to be built this summer.

3. MAYOR WATKINS – The Village of Tequesta mayor said the Council is grateful for Beach Road residents support and involvement in community activities. She stated, “We’re not anticipating any cuts in departmental budgets, especially police and fire.” She also pointed out that Village officials are excited to receive funds for the new bridge.

4. POLICE CHIEF – Chief Cullen told those present that the Village of Tequesta now enforces county ordinances at Coral Cove Park and have full jurisdiction in patrolling there. Village police have increased patrols and violations appear to be down. “The working relationship we now have with the county is a natural one and we’re pleased to have this association,” he said. He asked residents to call police to report any violations.

5. SECRETARY’S REPORT – Secretary Jerry Johnson called for a motion to waive reading of the minutes of the March meeting. The motion was made, there was a second and it passed. The minutes were approved as mailed.

6. TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Joe Walsh reported that the association’s checking account stood at $(Redacted) and a money market account balance was $(Redacted).

7. PRESIDENT’S REPORT – President Goodland said the final landscaping program had been completed, except for planting of one tree. The total spent on the landscaping program was $96,348, with the county funding $50,000 of the total. The Village of Tequesta contributed $12,000 to the project, and the remainder was financed through Beach Road Association. Goodland noted that the final phase came to $8,000.
The president announced that the BRA Board of Directors had voted to eliminate the December meeting next season, and that the meetings next season would be held the second Monday of each month, rather than the first. The Annual Meeting in April will continue on the first Monday of the month.
Goodland reviewed this year’s programs and noted there had been a number of interesting speakers. He also noted the association’s new website. “Just Google Beach Road Association and it will appear,” he said. Condominium presidents were asked to send in e-mail address so quick messages could be forwarded when needed.

8. ELECTION OF OFFICERS – Joe Walsh, Jerry Johnson, Karen Cohen and Goodland’s terms had expired on the Board of Directors. Upon motion by the members, the four were unanimously re-elected. Goodland pointed out that Walsh, who is 96, has served as a director and treasurer of the Beach Road Association since 1987.

9. CLOSING REMARKS – President Goodland thanked the directors, presidents and representatives, his wife Karen, the reservations committee, catering services and general membership for their contributions to the association the past year.

10. ADJOURNMENT – With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:57 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gerry Johnson,

The following officers were elected at the Directors meeting on April 9, 2009: John Goodland, president; Gerry Johnson, secretary; Jack Lighton, vice president; and, Karen Cohen, treasurer.

Completed Marine underground fuel tank upgrade at Jib Club Marina

Sidewalk ugrades


Monthly Meeting Distinguest Speaker Series

6 April 2009
Karen Marcus
County Commissioner

2 March 2009

Andrew Kato Primary
Maltz Jupiter Theater Artistic Director

2 February 2009
Roy Rood

"Tequesta " Historian
His talk will be about Early Tequesta.

5 January 2009
"Meet the Scientist Lecture Series"
His talk was about Dolphin in our area.
Click to visit Taras Oceanographic Foundation

1 December 2008
"Seniors Vs Crime Project"
Wayne J. Picone
Email him at wjpicone@bellsouth.net


The Board

Board of Directors

PRESIDENT: John Goodland (Karen) 746-8176
Ocean Villas
1745 Eileen Court
Brookfield, WI 53005 (H) 262-782-7339
225 Beach Rd. #204
Tequesta, FL 33469

VICE PRESIDENT: Jack Lighton 747-8536
The Passages
19750 Beach Rd. #204
Tequesta, FL 33469

SECRETARY: Gerry Johnson (John) 575-7154
JIB Club
50 Beach Rd. #304
Tequesta, FL 33469

TREASURER: Joe Walsh 746-1137
JIB Club
50 Beach Rd. #101
Tequesta, FL 33469

Board members

Ross K. Bagwell, Sr. (Sue) 575-4724
905 Kingsford Way
Knoxville, TN 37919 (H) 865-588-3211
19950 Beach Road, #2N
Tequesta, FL 33469

Karen Cohen (Buzz) 746-3232
Beach Sound
19930 Beach Rd. #302
Tequesta, FL 33469

David Noe (Shelly) 693-2578
N5542 Tunbur Ridge Dr.
Fond du Lac, WI 54935 (H) 920-923-5889
19930 Beach Road, #303
Tequesta, FL 33469

New Landscaping West of Bridge

Sidewalk repair




1. OPENING REMARKS—John Goodland, president, advised that a roster sign in sheet would be passed around for members present. When returned, the roster showed 25 were present representing 14 condominiums. Goodland introduced the guest speaker, Andrew Kato, artistic director, Maltz Jupiter Theatre.

2. SPEAKER: Andrew Kato told of his theatre and television background and the circumstances that brought him to the artistic director position at Maltz Jupiter Theatre three years ago. The director moved to Jupiter when he was 13 years old and became a bus boy at the former Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre, eventually deciding to pursue a theatrical career. He later enrolled in Palm Beach Community College where he received an Associates Degree in Business, then went on to earn a Performing Arts Degree at Florida State University. He went to New York to try to break into the theater industry, later receiving his first job offer as a theater company producer in Portland, Maine. He returned to New York after two years and became a commercial producer. Kato admitted he didn’t really want to come back to Florida, preferring to remain in New York theatre circles, but when an offer to apply for his present position at Maltz Jupiter Theatre came, he decided to come here to investigate the possibilities. He wound up accepting and said that he has never regretted it. Kato advised that The Maltz is a 501c non-profit organization depending solely on donations, ticket sales and grants to keep the doors open. He stated that the main shows at The Maltz are all produced locally, costing $400,000 to produce each one. This season’s productions will cost $1.5 million for five major productions. The director said The Maltz received more Carbonelle nominations than any other theatre the past year. The Carbonelle is like the Tony award here in Florida. The Maltz Jupiter Theatre is doing well, Kato said, and advised that this past season topped all previous season ticket sales. The speaker encouraged members to become volunteers at the theatre through the Theatre Guild, which is comprised of over 400 local residents. “We need resident and commercial support,” Kato explained. The speaker circulated a flyer announcing the 2009-2010 season at The Maltz. Shows will include: Fanny Brice: The Real Funny Girl, November 10-22, 2009; La Cage Aux Folles, January 12-31, 2010; Tintypes, February 9-28, 2010; and, Anything Goes, March 9-28, 2010. Season tickets are on sale now and subscriptions must be renewed by May 4, 2009.

3. SECRETARY’S REPORT--Gerry Johnson, secretary, called for a motion to waive reading and approval of the minutes of the February 2 meeting. A motion was made and seconded. The motion passed and the minutes were accepted as mailed.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT—Joe Walsh reported the BRA money market account now stands at $(Redacted) and that a checking account balance is now $(Redacted). John Goodland explained that the large balance might be attributed to numerous final landscaping assessment payments that have been received the past few days.

A. Goodland advised members that the final landscaping project would be started this week due to prompt payments of the assessment.

B. The president reminded members that the association now has a blog online and an e-mail address. The blog is advantageous for regular communications between condominiums and the BRA. He encouraged members to use the blog and the e-mail. The blog address is: beachroadassociation.blogspot.com/, and the e-mail address is:

6. ANNUAL MEETING—It was announced that the association’s annual meeting would be Monday, April 6. Only presidents and representatives will be invited to attend due to limited space.

7. NEW BUSINESS—A discussion concerning abuse of parking privileges created by unit owners arose. It was generally agreed that such problems should be resolved without confrontation, and that the bylaws should be reviewed and legal advice should be obtained.

8. ADJOURNMENT—With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:50pm.


MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2009, 4:00PM

The next meeting of the Beach Road Association will be held on:

MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2009, 4:00PM



Our guest speaker will be Andrew Kato, artistic director of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre. Andrew grew up in Jupiter and was a bus boy at the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre. He has produced many Broadway concerts and was the associate producer of several Broadway productions. He has also conceived, developed and/or directed many new musicals at the Jupiter and other theaters. Kato has also been the creative consultant/coordinating producer on the Tony Awards for the last five years

All residents are invited and encouraged to attend.


Letter From President John Goodland

Dear President’s and Representatives,

The Board of Directors has decided to proceed with the final phase for landscaping Beach Road. The materials involved, and the cost estimates from the California Garden Services of $(Redacted), is enclosed.

The majority of the plantings will be installed in the two existing planting areas under the cabbage palms west of the bridge on the south side of Beach Road. The planting areas will be reduced in size by adding Floritan sod.

The bed closest to the bridge will include small bushes with red flowers and mixed color hibiscus plants, and the adjacent bed will contain yellow and purple flowered ground cover plants. The remaining plants will replace plants on the north side of Beach Road.

The palm tree in the bed west of the Coast Guard road will be replanted and the blue Bismark palm will take its place.

We will be requesting approval for a $ (Redacted) per unit assessment to cover the cost involved at the February meeting. Please make sure your building is represented at the meeting.

We have also initiated a website at www.beachroadassociation.blogspot.com/ which will provide minutes of our monthly meetings, other relevant information, links to other sites and comments from members.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

John S. Goodland